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Vineyard Sources in
The Rocks District

Rulo Winery, established in August 2000, is owned and operated by Kurt and Vicki Schlicker. Kurt is our winemaker and together we manage all aspects of our winery. Upon your visit to Rulo Winery, you will be greeted by either one or both of us! While tasting through our wines, we will provide all the information and happily answer any questions you may have regarding our wines and winery.

In 2001, our relationship with Dana Dibble, owner of River Rock Vineyard & Freewater Rocks Vineyard, commenced and remains as strong as our zeal for his vineyards in The Rocks. The wines produced from this AVA are reliant on phenolic characteristics and subtle fruit aromas versus pure fruit esters.

River Rock vineyard, planted in 2002, is our sole source of VIOGNIER and just one of Kurt’s signature wines. Due to the soil poor nature of this vineyard, the viognier tends to be less over-ripe tropical fruit and instead, more focused and steely, expressing notes of crisp stone fruit. The SYRAH from this vineyard comprises nearly 40% of our total syrah holdings state wide. Again, the lack of soil creates a natural yield-limiting effect on the individual grape plant leading to intensity and balance as the fruit ripens and matures. Other grapes harvested for us from this site include: GRENACHE, MOURVÈDRÉ and CHARDONNAY.

The Freewater Rocks Vineyard, a 5-acre parcel planted in 2008, is essentially a continuation of the River Rock vineyard but situated a stone’s throw from the original plantings. Grapes grown for us from this site are: GRENACHE, MOURVÈDRÉ, CINSAULT and in our opinion, the most stunning CHARDONNAY! The rocky composition of this vineyard also produces naturally low vine yield cultivating richly concentrated fruit of earthy, savory spice and umami notes.

Kurt Schlicker, Owner & Winemaker

Kurt Schlicker, Owner & Winemaker

Kurt has 'realized his dream' and Vicki considers herself extremely lucky to be a part of what makes him so very happy. That which we feel to be most important 'about us' is reflected in that bottle of Rulo wine you have poured into your glass.